Autodesk Revit Architecture Course in Abu Dhabi

Autodesk Revit Architecture course in Abu Dhabi by Times. TTC offers the best training for Autodesk Revit Architecture course in Abu Dhabi, UAE. We are the certified and accredited training center for Autodesk courses in Abu Dhabi. Our world class and experience faculty team / trainers can help you increase your knowledge base and become a professional Autodesk Revit Architecture course certification holder in Abu Dhabi.

TTC (Time Training Center) is the best training institute located at Electra Street offering certified training in Autodesk Revit Architecture course in Abu Dhabi. We have a very wast experience in delivering quality training and improving skills of our students with day to day analysis and evaluations of their program at the institute.

We go through all the aspects of Autodesk Revit Architecture course in Abu Dhabi and thereby making sure that our students come out to the industry as a very well experienced professional with authorized certification of Autodesk.

Course Outline

Building Information Modeling for Architectural Design Revit Architecture

• Exploring the User Interface

• Working with Revit Elements and Families

• Starting a Project Starting a Design

• Creating and Modifying Levels

• Creating and Modifying Grids The Basics of the Building Model

• Creating a Basic Floor Plan

• Adding and Modifying Walls

• Working with Compound Walls

• Using Editing Tools

• Adding and Modifying Doors

• Adding and Modifying Windows Loading Additional Building Components

• Working with Component Families Viewing the Building Model

• Managing Views

• Controlling Object Visibility

• Working with Section and Elevation Views

• Creating and Modifying 3D Views Using Dimensions and Constraints

• Working with Dimensions

• Applying and Removing Constraints Developing the Building Model

• Creating and Modifying Floors

• Working with Ceilings

• Adding and Modifying Roofs

• Creating Curtain Walls

• Adding Stairs and Railings Detailing and Drafting

• Creating Callout Views

• Working with Text and Tags

• Working with Detail Views

• Working with Drafting Views Construction Documentation

• Creating and Modifying Schedules

• Creating Rooms and Room Schedules

• Creating Legends and Keynotes Presenting the Building Model

• Working with Drawing Sheets

• Working with Titleblocks

• Managing Revisions

• Creating Renderings

• Using Walkthroughs

• Using Sun and Shadow Settings

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